Research Projects

         Prediction of Ground Water Vulnerability to Animal Wastes/Fertilizers in Karst Topography using Fuzzy Logic. USGS- AWRC: $55,000 [Duration: 2000 2001]. more>>

         Pre-schoolers' vocabulary acquisition and understanding of scientific concepts form participation in repeated read aloud events involving informational picture books. Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County and USF Collaborative for Children Families and Communities: $15,000 [Duration: 2002 2003] more>>

         Development of a Methodology to Estimate Soil Moisture Content from NEXTRAD-WSR-88D: USF Internal Grant for New Researcher Award: $9,250 [Duration: 2003] more>>

         Determining impacts of spatial variability of water quality in the Tampa Bay. USF-Internal Award : $6,500 [Duration: 2003]. more>>

         Ground Water Vulnerability Delineation using Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Neuro-Fuzzy techniques. USDA-CSREES: $305,000 [Duration: 2001 – 2004]. more>>

         Application of Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Methods to Ground Water Vulnerability Mapping: A GIS-based Integrated Approach in Hillsborough County, FL. Dept. of Environmental protection, FL: $ 58,921 [Duration 2003 2005]

         Ground Water Vulnerability Delineation using Integrate GIS and Neuro Fuzzy Methods for DeSoto, Pinellas and Marion County. USGS-FWRRC: $152,237 [Duration: 2003 – 2004].

         Development of an integrated methodology to assess vulnerability of ground water to pathogen intrusion using GIS, remote sensing, neural networks and neuro-fuzzy methods. USGS-Florida Water Resources Research (FWRRC). $186,119 [Duration 2005 – 2006]

         Web-based ground water pollution mapping contrast. Intergraph Corp. $116, 165 [Duration 2005 – 2006]

         Interfacing SWAT and PHABSIM: A potential GIS-based Water Resource Management Tool. EPA $178,000 [Duration 2005 – 2006]

         Regional soil moisture mapping using integrated geostatistics, GIS and remote sensing tools. USGS-104G program. $489,655. [Duration 2005 – 2007].

         Estimation of soil water content derived from NEXRAD, MODIS, ASTER, ETM+ and AVHRR: a comparative study using integrated GIS, remote sensing and geostatistical tools. NASA – Terrestrial hydrology Program. $468,036 [pending Duration 2006 – 2009]

  • Using RUSLE and SWAT to Estimate Fluxes and Fates of Eroded Soil Organic Carbon in the Hillsborough River Basin. C-SPACE Grant from EPA. $105,152 [Duration 2006 - 2007]


  • An Integrated GIS and Remote Sensing-Based Strategy for Assessing the Ecological Outcomes of Social Marketing. C-SPACE Grant from EPA. $15,000 [Duration 2006 - 2007].



  • Applicability of the SWAT model to quantify the effects of urbanization on the water budget for the Charlie Creek watershed: an integrated approach. USGS. $52,029 [Duration 2007]


  • Identifying Potential Watershed Nutrient Links to Karenia Red Tides: Integrated GIS Watershed Characterization of Southwest Florida coastal counties. FWRI. $25,000 [Duration 2007]



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