Dr. Barnali Dixon

Some pictures

My son

My son

I love mountains - miss mountains in FL


In my lab

Lydia in the lab

Robert working at the lab

Robert in the lab


Posters GIS day



Nekesha Williams - Ph.D Candidate Dr. Francis Nowsu – Fulbright Scholar (09- 10) Fred Bradley – MS Student Julie Earls – the lab manager



L to R: Julie, Robert, Lydia, Barnali, Bob L to R: Fred, Robert, Barnali, Julie, Raquel, Da Qui TA Fred and the students Rene Baumstark – MS Student




L to R: James, Nekesha, Nicole,Barnali,Joe,Fred

L to R: Julie, Nekesha, Barnali,Fred



L to R: Francis, Nicole, Julie, Barnali, Fred, Joe




Shanon Connelly – MS Student



Nicole Easter-Geary

Nekesha Williams – Ph.D. Candidate



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