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Environmental Chemistry Group


chemical glassware in action





 Research Group


Any question? Please contact:
Email: Dr. Carvalho-Knighton

Phone: (727) 873-4063 (O)
or (727) 873-4833 (Lab)

       Research group



Dr. Kathy Carvalho

My research interests include water quality, phytoremediation of heavy metals by aquatic species, remediation of organic and chlorinated compounds, and chemical education. My lab group consists of Robert DeVor, Erica Echols, Robyn Feuillebois, Jenny Gum, Brittany Halle, Harish Maleh, and Lukasz Talalaj.


Lab members at the 2006 American Chemical Society (ACS) conference in Atlanta, GA named left to right:

Lukasz Talalaj, Erica Echols, Dr. Kathleen Carvalho-Knighton, Brittany Halle, and Robert DeVor








Robyn Feuillebois (left) and Jenny Gum (right) in front of their poster for the 2006 ACS Conference













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