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Archives of "Ideas and Issues"

WETS-FM  (89.5)   |   Former host: Hugh LaFollette  |  email him


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1995 - 2002

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1999 - 2002


"I don't know of any other radio program that invests so much time in serious ideas or makes them so accessible to listeners. It's a great public service. And Hugh LaFollette is a wonderful interviewer. His questions are intelligent and well-formed, he has a sure sense of what matters, and he has an easy, gentle style that would coax the best from any guest. Both the show and the interviewer are a credit to public radio."
Charles Beitz, Politics, Princeton University

"LaFollette is a wonderful interviewer: extremely thoughtful and well-prepared, exceedingly well organized. He is fun to talk to: he relaxes the interviewee. We got to the issues that would be of greatest interest to a curious and reflective audience, and he keeps the discussion from going off on tangents that would be of merely academic interest. 'Ideas and Issues' is a first-rate show that would engage a wide and enthusiastic audience if it were to become more broadly available."
Martha Nussbaum, Law and Philosophy, University of Chicago

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