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Teaching Philosophy

  • I strive to internationalize the curriculum and to provide opportunities for my students to become “global citizens.” Examples include my projects in Women and the Law in which my students worked together in groups with students at Moldova State on research projects related to human trafficking (see www.jainmoldova.blogspot.com) and in Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in which my students worked on a comparative legal research papers about women’s rights in the Middle East were paired with a woman lawyer from that country (we partnered with the Women’s Lawyer Group in the Middle East) who mentored them on their projects (see www.womensrightsinmiddleeast.blogspot.com ) During the Spring 2013 semester I taught a Study Abroad Course to Moldova (an alternative spring break course).
  • I believe strongly in the citizen scholar model and provide experiential learning and civic engagement opportunities for students in each of my courses. Examples include the Supreme Court oral argument simulation in Constitutional Law I, the Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearing and the Courtroom Observation Research assignment in Law and Politics, and the campaign internships in Practical Politics, American National Government, and The Road to the White House.

Hear from students about their experiences on the campaign trail:

     Practical Politics WUSF University beat Video 2009

     Road to the White House WUSF University Beat Video 2012

     Road to the White House WUSF University Beat Video 2008

 Publications about Teaching and Learning:

"Learning Citizenship by Doing: Integrating Campaign Internships into Political Science Coursework,” in Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen.  Alison McCartney, Elizabeth A. Bennion, and Dick Simpson, eds. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association, 2013. Click here for the book website:  Teaching Civic Engagement

“Creating a Global Classroom:  Providing Collaborative Research Opportunities for U.S. and Moldovan Students.” Vol. 19 (November 2012) Journal for Civic Commitment. With Svetlana Suveica. Click here to read the Global Classroom article

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“Integrating Civic Engagement into the Higher Education Curriculum in the United States,” in Intercultural Communication in the New Millennium, edited by Elena Crestionicov, American Studies Center, Moldova State University, 2012.

“The Courtroom as Classroom: Integrating Civic Engagement in Public Law Courses.” Vol. 17 (October 2011) Journal for Civic Commitment.  Click here to read the  Courtroom as Classroom article


“Learning Citizenship by Doing:  Evaluating the Effects of a Required Political Campaign Internship in American Government”  Issue 12 (January 2009) Journal for Civic Commitment. Click here to read the Learning Citizenship by Doing article

The Road to the White House: Design and Implement a Course about U.S. Presidential Campaigns that Includes a New Hampshire Primary Campaign Internship.”  The Political Science Educator. Vol. 10, Issue 2 (December 2005), pp. 7-9.

Courses Taught at USFSP:

  • POS 2041 American National Government and American National Government online
  • POS 4614 U.S. Constitutional Law I
  • POS 4624 U.S. Constitutional Law II (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties)
  • POS 3691 Introduction to Law and Politics and Law and Politics hybrid
  • POS 3274 The Campaign Process (formerly Practical Politics)
  • POS 4693 and WST 4930 Women and the Law I
  • CPO 4930 and CPO 6933 Comparative Politics: Moldova Study Abroad Course
  • POS 3931 and POS 6933 The Road to the White House 2004, 2008, 2012. Developed a new course on presidential campaigns that includes an internship in New Hampshire on one of the campaigns leading up to the first-in-the-nation primary. See www.usfsp.edu/whitehouse.
  • POS 4910 Independent Research
  • POS 4941 Field Work (internship)


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