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Teaching Gerontology Web Links

http://camden-www.rutgers.edu/~wood/deppen.html INTERNET RESOURCES FOR TEACHING SOCIOLOGY OF AGING. A new site with some interesting resources for teachers of gerontology. Contains an interesting classroom simulation exercise on age related impairments. 

http://www-cpr.maxwell.syr.edu/gero_ed/index3.htm 1998 SUMMER WORKSHOP: INTRODUCING PUBLIC POLICY ISSUES IN AGING INTO THE CURRICULUM. Policy oriented curricula components for gerontology being developed at Syracuse University.

http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~aging/ModuleMinority2.html MINORITY AGING MODULE. A teaching module focused on minority aging.  Includes film/video resources.

http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~aging/ModuleWomen.htmlTEACHING MODULE ON WOMEN

http://www.trinity.edu/~mkearl/geron.html#in SOCIOLOGY OF AGING.A great site with resources for teachers and students.

http://www.brookdale.org/tgn/tgn_1.html TEACHING GERONTOLOGY NEWSLETTER. A valuable resource from H.R. Moody, author of the excellent text, Aging: Concepts & Controversies.

http://www.utmb.edu/aging/humanities.htm HUMANITIES AND AGING. Check out the spritual side of old age through the Newsletter, "Aging & the Human Spirit" produced by the Institute for the Medical Humanities. 

http://www.soc.umn.edu/~edwards/gero5100/gero51.htm LIFE COURSE PERSPECTIVES ON DIVERSITY AND AGING. This site not only gives the course syllabi, but also class notes for all the lectures.

http://www.gen.umn.edu/faculty_staff/yahnke/aging/film_age Images of Aging: A Film and Video Resource Guide. The films and videos analyzed in thisguide are organized according to the following categories: Introduction; Pre-viewing Notes and Activities; Summary of Scenes; Discussion Questions Sample Worksheet (in most cases).

http://geronet.ph.ucla.edu GERONET: HEALTH & AGING RESOURCES FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. A resource bank on health & aging for educators in highereducation. See especially, the listings under "Diversity" and"Life History Interviews."

http://www.psc.lsa.umich.edu/agingmeta/syllabi/ SYLLABI ON DEMOGRAPHY, ECONOMICS AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AGING.

http://www.isis.csuhayward.edu/ALSS/soc/NAN/dd/dd.htm Resources for Death and Dying Courses. This web page provides a course syllabus, bibliographic resources and links to other sites.

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