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The Cultural Context of Aging, 3rd Edition

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7. Christine L Fry, et al. “Culture and the Meaning of a Good Old Age.”

12. Hiroko Akiyama, Toni C. Antonucci and Ruth Campbell. “Exchange and Reciprocity among Generations of Japanese and American Women.” 

13. Joan Weibel-Orlando. “Grandparenting Styles: The Contemporary Native Americans Experience.”

25. Jane W. Peterson. “Age of Wisdom: Elderly Black Women in Family and Church.”

26. Barbara W.K. Yee. “The Social and Cultural Context of Adaptive Aging by Southeast Asian Elders.” 

27. Neil Henderson. “Dementia in Cultural Context: Development and Decline of a Caregivers Support Group in a Latin Population.”

34. Dena Shenk and Kitter Christiansen. “Social Support Systems of Rural Older Women: A Comparison of the United States and Denmark.”

35. D. Counts and D. Counts. “Where are the Bones in Their Noses?: Community Aged in North American RV Camps and in Papua New Guinea.”

36. Yohko Tsuji. “An Organization for the Elderly, by the Elderly: A Senior Center in the United States.” 

37. Jay Sokolovsky “One Thousand Points of Blight: Old, Female and Homeless in New York City.”