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Culture and the Meaning of

A Good Old Age


Christine L. Fry, Jeanette Dickerson-

Putman, Patricia Draper,

Charlotte Ikels, Jennie Keith,

Anthony P. Glascock and

Henry C. Harpending




    This chapter details the work of Project AGE (Age, Generation and Experience), the most serious cross-cultural study of aging to date. Here a team of anthropologists carried out a comparison of aging in Hong Kong, Botswana, rural Ireland and two American communities, combining long-term fieldwork with a precise and consistent research protocol. In Part II, Keith discusses one of the other communities studied in Project AGE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.




Draper, P. 2007. “Conducting Cross-Cultural Research in Teams and the Search for the ‘Culture-proof’ Variable.” Menopause 14(4):680–87.




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