Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental Science, Policy & Gegraphy
University of South Florida - St. Petersburg

140 7th Avenue S., Davis 222
St. Petersburg, FL  33701-5016

Phone: 727-873-4971 (office);  727-873-4834 (research lab, URL 103)
Fax:  727-873-4526

Fall 2008 Course Schedule
BSC 2010 - Biology I - Cellular Processes - Monday and Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:15 pm, Davis 105

BSC 4057 - Environmental Issues - Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am - 12:15 pm, Davis 228

Office hours during the Fall 2008 semester are:
   Tuesday and Wednesday 12:30-1:30 pm, and by appointment.

Dr. Riedinger-Whitmore's CV

Current Research Activities (under construction)

Recent research publications

Whitmore, T.J., M.A. Riedinger-Whitmore, J.M. Smoak, E. Goddard, and R. Bindler.  Arsenic    
    contamination of lake sediments in Florida:  Evidence of herbicide mobility from watershed soils. 
    Journal of Paleolimnology.  In press.

Sandweiss, D.H., K.A. Maasch, C.F.T. Andrus, E.J. Rietz, J.B. Richardson III, M. Riedinger-Whitmore,
    and H.B. Rollins.  2007.  Chapter 2, (pp. 25-50), in  Mid-Holocene climate and culture change in
    coastal Peru, in D.G. Anderson, K.A. Maasch, and D. H. Sandweiss (editors), Climate change
    and cultural dynamics: a global perspective on mid-Holocene  transitions.  Academic Press. 

Whitmore, T.J., M. Brenner, K. Kolasa, W.F. Kenney, M.A. Riedinger-Whitmore, J.H. Curtis,
    and J.M. Smoak. (2006).  Inadvertent alkalization of a Florida lake caused by increased
    nutrient and solute loading to its watershed.  Journal of Paleolimnology, 36(4):353-370.

Brenner, M., T.J.Whitmore, M.A. Riedinger-Whitmore, B. DeArmond,  D.A. Leeper, W.F.
    Kenney, J.H.Curtis, and B. Shumate. 2006. Geochemical and biological consequences of
    groundwater augmentation in lakes of west-central Florida (USA).   Journal
    of Paleolimnology, 36(4): 371-383.

Riedinger-Whitmore, M., T.J. Whitmore, M. Brenner, A. Moore, J.M. Smoak, J. Curtis, and
    C. Schelske.  2005.  Cyanobacterial proliferation is a recent response to eutrophication in
     Many Florida lakes:  a  paleolimnological assessmen
t.  Lake and Reservoir
 Management, 21(4):423-435.

Whitmore, T.J., and M. Riedinger-Whitmore.  2004.  Lake management programs:  the
 importance of sediment assessment studies.
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Riedinger, M.A., M. Steinitz-Kannan, W.M. Last, and M.Brenner.  2002.  A ~ 6100 14C yr
record of El Niño activity from the Galápagos Islands
.  Journal of Paleolimnology 27:1-7.