You are to choose your own company (within certain guidelines) for the group

project this semester.  The only requirements are that:


(1) it has to be a company listed in the S&P 600 Smallcap Index or the S&P 400

Midcap Index,

(2) I have to approve of the company when all is said and done,

(3) you have not used the company for a project in another course,


(4) all of the project must be original as I do not want to see a recycled project.


The following Excel file contains a listing of S&P 600 Smallcap and S&P 400

Midcap companies:




So what I would like to suggest is that each group looks through the S&P 600

Smallcap Index and the S&P 400 Midcap Index until you find a few companies

that you would be interested in using and then send me an e-mail consisting of that

list of companies.  While you are looking them up you should look up companies

using their ticker symbols at:  


While doing this you should also look at each company’s company profile, list of

competitors, and some of the other information that is available.  Once you send me

the list I will then look each of them up and e-mail you back with companies that I

think will work for the project. 


While you are doing this please keep in mind the following:


1) Some companies will work better than others.  As examples, restaurants, retailers,

health care organizations, banks, firms in regulated industries (like a phone company)

and certain other types of organizations tend to NOT be good choices for the project. 

While a manufacturing firm that competes in very limited number of industries would be.




2) I am requiring that you make corporate and business level strategy changes to

the company which for the project means that the company will enter into and

compete in a new industry (i.e., diversify) and that you will have to decide how to

accomplish the diversification move and how the company will compete in this

new industry.